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TARJA Tarja_10


Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli (born August 17, 1977, in Kitee, Finland), better known as Tarja Turunen (while she was vocalist of Nightwish) or simply Tarja (after she and Nightwish parted ways.), is a Finnish singer. She secretly married the Argentine businessman Marcelo Cabuli in early 2003.

She is the former lead singer of the Finnish band Nightwish which she founded along with Emppu Vuorinen and Tuomas Holopainen in 1996. After being expelled from the band in October 2005, Tarja Turunen is now devoting her time to her solo career under the stage name of Tarja.

Tarja’s first solo album, My Winter Storm, was released in November 2007 and achieved gold status in Finland on the day of release. The album took the number 1 spot in the Finnish charts. Tarja also sings on track In The Picture, composed by Rage guitarist Victor Smolski, on Nuclear Blast Allstars’ album ‘Into The Light’, 2007.

Official site:

Tarja is the most popular singer from the genre in Finland and throughout Europe, as well as an accomplished classical and opera singer.

Tarja began to study music at age six, and moved to the city of Kuopio at 18 to study at the Sibelius Academy.

She became a founding member of Nightwish in 1996 when her classmate Tuomas Holopainen invited her to join his new musical project. That year Tarja also performed with the Savonlinna Opera Festival. However, she did not become internationally famous until the release of Nightwish’s successful follow-up album, Oceanborn, in 1998.

Tarja sang solo in Waltari’s rock-themed 1999 ballet Evankeliumi (also known as Evangelicum) in several sold-out performances at the Finnish National Opera.

She continued to tour and record with Nightwish through 2000 and 2001, after which she enrolled in the Music University in Karlsruhe, Germany. While there, she recorded vocals for Nightwish’s 2002 album Century Child and Argentinian bassist Beto Vazquez’s internationally successful album Infinity.

In 2002, Tarja toured South America, performing in the classical Lied concert Noche Escandinava (Scandinavian Night), again to sold-out houses. Following this and an exhausting world tour in support of Century Child, Nightwish took a hiatus and Tarja returned to Karlsruhe.

Finnish President Tarja Halonen and her husband invited Tarja to the President’s Palace in Helsinki in December 2003 for the Finnish Independence Day Party, Finland’s biggest social event, where the viewers of Finnish television station Yle named her the most impressively dressed lady, among honors given by several newspapers and magazines.

After the hiatus, Tarja rejoined Nightwish for the album Once and supporting world tour throughout 2004-2005, and embarked on a second Noche Escandinava tour in the spring of 2004.

For Christmas 2004, she released the single Yhden Enkelin Unelma (One Angel’s Dream), which sold gold in her native country, Finland.

For the spring of 2005, she prepared a collaboration with Germany’s Martin Kesici, the duet Leaving You for Me, also accompanied by a video.

On October 21, 2005, Tarja was asked to leave Nightwish in an open letter by the other members of the band, over a dispute that involved “a changed attitude” and increased financial interest.

She responded through another open letter, which was posted on her website in both Finnish and English.

In December of 2005, she performed several Christmas concerts in Finland, Germany, Spain and Romania.
In 2006, Tarja was recording a Christmas album and vocals for her brother, Timo Turunen’s debut album. She also made an appearance at the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Tarja’s first solo album, ‘My Winter Storm’, was released in November 2007, and will be released in the USA in February 2008.

Tarja also sings on track “In The Picture” on Nuclear Blast Allstars’ album Into The Light, 2007.

In 2009, Tarja also released a duet with Dorothea “Doro” Pesch, the former vocalist in a heavy metal band once known as Warlock, which is found on youtube, it’s not known if more duets will be recorded, but we can hope that similar material will be made


My Winter Storm

1 Ite, Missa Est
2 I Walk Alone
3 Lost Northern Star
4 Seeking For The Reign
5 The Reign
6 The Escape Of The Doll
7 My Little Phoenix
8 Boy And The Ghost
9 Sing For Me
10 Oasis
11 Poison
12 Our Great Divide
13 Sunset
14 Damned And Divine
15 Die Alive
16 The Seer
17 Minor Heaven
18 Ciarán's Well
19 Calling Grace

What Lies Beneath

1 Anteroom of Death
2 Until My Last Breath
3 I Feel Immortal
4 In For a Kill
5 Underneath
6 Little Lies
7 Rivers of Lust
8 Dark Star
9 Falling Awake
10 The Archive of Lost Dreams
11 Crimson Deep

Most Listened Songs:

The Reign - Preview
I Walk Alone - Preview
Die Alive - Preview
Poison - Preview
Lost Northern Star - Preview
Oasis - Preview
Seeking For The Reign - Preview
Sing For Me - Preview
Boy And The Ghost - Preview
The Escape Of The Doll - Preview

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