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 Reordering of Perception

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PostSubject: Reordering of Perception   Reordering of Perception EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 4:57 am

Reordering of Perception

Frequency 714 Hz

Before You start the video, make sure that You are in peaceful surrounding. Then start the video, listen to the frequency, and feel it inside You. Now, enjoy and relax. Smile

This track corresponds to an isometric time lattice reconfiguring the etheric template of perception, assisting in the reorganization and integration nonlinear awareness in to focal points of time. This track uses a brainwave entrainment program to relax the listener from the beta state of hyper vigilant conscious awareness into an alpha state with intermittent theta bursts. This helps in the acceleration of the unconscious processing of information that expands the cognitive filters.

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Reordering of Perception

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